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There was a time when in Corralejo, Fuerteventura...

Now i moved to Istria County, (HR)


If you’re looking for some good vibes and feelings in most of

the best music spots in town, get some

Pow-Lean’  Live Show

Guitar, harp and voice,... a very original Loop Station user!

For a show of pure Magic and Soul driving he’s probably the best choice!

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pic by ED HOOWER

If you are visiting this site, may because you saw it on a Cd cover.

I personally hope you enjoy the music that has been written, composed and recorded into

a semi-professional studio in "Triest" called “The Hole”. Jan 2007

Andrej Pavatich joyned the drums in BE MINE, ON ME, TURN ME UPSIDE-DOWN.

Ivan De Leo on drum and bass on HOW MUCH GOOD.

Pow-Lean voices, guitar, bass and some piano.


GHB& (Green House Band 20-01 2001)

Riccardo Cordella drums and Max Simbula bass on WELCOME FRIENDS.

Plus 4 Ghost acoustic session taken from a radio interview

In Orbita Session Radio Capodistria.




Pow-Lean started his own path as a Street Artist

and playing Serenades on Flowers Delivery in Triest, since back in 1997.

In those past years he travelled across the U.S. and Europe busking in beautiful places.

His motto is:

“Producing music could mean more things,

the main one is what sounds inside you!”

Since he was young, Paolo (his real name) has been influenced by the most important

American Singer Songwriters as

Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Johnny Cash

In the Summer of 2001 became leader of GHB &

The Green House Band”, the real Long-Walk Garage Band.

This Project had the highest point in the Summer of 2005

performing a Neil Young’s Music Tribute

Neil Young Tribute

and from its original number of three,

the band grew up to eight elements. The GHB & broke up one of those nights.

Pow-Lean started to record his original music in his own studio “The Hole” during the 2007.


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